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Wednesday 15 December 2010


INAPI and INPI go "MoU"

The intellectual property offices of Chile (INAPI) and Brazil (INPI) have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") with a view to strengthening industrial property and information technology exchange.   The signing took place in the lovely city of Rio de Janeiro, following a regional initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organization.  According to IP Tango's source,

"This MOU will result in a work plan and projects to be undertaken during 2011, especially in the field of training of examiners, exchange of experience in office management systems, and promotion and access to information technology. There will also be an exchange of information on new developments in the systems of industrial property protection in both countries.

The work plan established covers different areas of the IPOs. One aim is the exchange of experiences on the role of both INPI and INAPI as government agencies promoting development policies for entrepreneurial competitiveness. Another aspect covered is the establishment of mechanisms for providing technical information for users and the entrepreneurial community. The aim of this experience is to increase the scientific and economic development of both nations".
This is a praiseworthy initiative but, warns IP Tango, good intentions are not enough: we watch for signs that the cooperation actually results in the improved operation of the two offices. If the sharing of information and training brings results, we would expect further cooperation between offices in the region as a natural consequence -- but we have to be able to measure the success first.

Source: media release by Diego A. Ponce Gallardo (Comunicaciones, Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Industrial, INAPI).