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Friday 1 April 2011

Patricia Covarrubia

Theories about the Nazca Lines: is it a calendar? A map? Was made by aliens?

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The electronic newspaper peru.com brings us the news that Peru has launched a logo for its country. It reports that the “variety of cultures, attractive products and the charm of the landscape are the characteristics of the new image of the country that will be projected to the world.”

Certainly promoting the image of a country is a key to sponsor and to encourage tourism,exports and also to attract more foreign investment.

The logo: what does it tell us?

The logo Peru is written with the letter 'P ' in a coil and has an ‘at’ (@) sign to represent the modernity of the country. Also, the report continues explaining the sign: “the spiral symbolizes the set of cultural expressions as the Lines of Nazca [geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)] and represents a developing country with a prosperous future too.”

I personally love it when I am aware of the meaning of a logo – it symbolises no only what is expected from a mark/logo, but also the feelings that are behind it. Positively the Nazca Lines will have just one theory at the moment: promoting its country.

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia