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Thursday 8 September 2011

Patricia Covarrubia

Same name, dress alike, sings alike? What is it? an avatar?

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Last week the Argentinean program "Pasion de Sabado” (Saturday’s passion) transmitted by America TV featured an Argentine musician who says "I am...Americo."

Now you may ask: who is Americo? He is a Chilean singer --real name Domingo Vega, who was successful at the last Festival of Viña del Mar. The singer's hits "Te Vas" and "traicionera" are successful in Argentina, so much that the show ‘Pasion de Sabado’ presented in his space ‘Americo’. The problem was that when presented, an Argentinean look alike and dress alike sang Americo’s songs and claimed that he was ‘Americo’. The real Americo was of course not impressed by this fake; in fact he was outraged by the impostor.

Domingo Vega's lawyers, and Sony Music that represents the artist in Argentina, will initiate legal action to collect information to ensure a civil suit against the Argentinean singer impersonation. Moreover, it is claimed that the Mark ‘Americo’ was already registered in Chile since 2010 and accepted by the Institute of Industrial Property earlier this year. In addition, registration was recently sought in neighbouring countries like Argentina, Peru and Bolivia - not yet approved.

On the other hand, José Luis Gonzalo, in charge of Viking Productions, who created the [fake I would say] character noted in that everything was in order, because he patented the name "Americo of Argentina."

The animator of the show also has his saying in this matter: Hernan Caire sees no need to apologize to Americo for having presented in the TV show this character. Mr Caire explained that the musician who played last Saturday the Chilean songs "was not a copy" of Americo, but only a musician doing a cover. "I do not think that is a copy. It's very similar, that I'm not going to deny it, but there are many groups and soloists who play others’ songs. He's not copying, it is a tribute".

A final say from the real Americo: "clearly this is not an imitation or a tribute, this has other intentions." If this were a soup opera I could hear now the background song: ‘money, money, money, always sunny’ by ABBA.

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Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia