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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Patricia Covarrubia

Sow and you will reap: the practice ‘catch red handed’ is worthy

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This year the Peruvian Institute for the Defence of Competition and Intellectual Property Protection (INDECOPI) has intensified surprise audits in different companies to detect the use of illegal software. This practice has been highlighted by Montserrat Durán, senior director of legal affairs for Latin America at Business Software Alliance (BSA). He explains that this type of practice run by INDECOPI marks an example; indeed, it promotes fair competition, the growth of software industry and the welfare of the citizens in our countries. He added that this action is reflected in the medium term, as it is noticeable in one hand by the decline in piracy rates and on the other, by the increase of competitiveness in the software industry.

According to a study run by the International Data Corporation (IDC) in Peru 68% of software programs are illegal or do not have licenses. Also it is observed that Peru remains at the position 55 of a total of 66 countries in the Competitiveness Index Industry Information Technology, 2011

INDECOPI is using not only the Law of Copyright (it empowers the Office to impose fines of up to US$130,000) but also the Criminal Code (sentences of two to eight years, compensation, among others) to combat illegal software.

Sources INDECOPI and Business Software Alliance

Patricia Covarrubia

Patricia Covarrubia