Friday, 17 December 2010

"Loche de Lambayeque", sixth Peruvian DOP

Being in Peru from the next weeks makes me feel closer to news concerning IP in Latin America. Maybe that's the reason why Gustavo M. Rodriguez Garcia (Benites, Forno, Ugaz & Ludowieg, Andrade) has informed be of the granting by INDECOPI of the sixth denomination of origin of Peru to Loche de Lambayeque, an agricultural product grew in an anchestral manner that is fundamental for the gastronomy of Nothern Peru.
More information here, here, here.
More information about Lambayeque here.
Other things to see in Lambayeque, here
Other things to drink in Peru (also protected by DOP), here.
Now, here is a quiz for our audience: can you name three of the other five Peruvian DOPs?

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